Using Slack Integration with Integromat (make) for Real-time Automation of Lead Tracking

Eric Thumos Sullivan
Nov 20, 2023

Lead tracking has always been a cornerstone of successful business strategies. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the need for immediate data processing and actionable insights has never been more pressing. Enter the simple combination of Slack and Integromat (now make), tools that when combined streamline real-time automation in lead tracking.

Traditional lead tracking methods, although functional, often lack the immediacy and precision modern businesses require. Automation not only streamlines the process but ensures timely interventions, increasing the probability of conversions.

While Slack is widely recognized for its instant messaging capabilities, Integromat excels in connecting various apps to create complex workflows. When combined, they pave the way for seamless real-time data relay and intervention.

How I Use it in My Recruiting Funnel:

In the competitive world of recruiting, time is of the essence. Our approach integrates the pre-screening process with Slack, ensuring immediate review. Once a potential recruit fills out a pre-screen form, their details are instantaneously relayed to Slack, allowing for immediate intervention and follow-up.

They can then be urged via sms, email or dm to take the next step of booking an interview on our client’s calendar.

How I Use it in my Financial Services Funnel:

The financial services sector requires a different touch. Upon a lead’s website visit, we employ a reverse IP lookup. This not only identifies the visitor but can also provide an estimated income, wealth score, social profile, and email information (in real-time!). Armed with this data, and the knowledge of the lead’s origin (be it an email campaign or a Facebook campaign), outreach efforts are significantly more informed and targeted.

Trigger Points:

Every funnel is unique. While some require intervention at the top, others may need it towards the end. The key is to identify these trigger points and customize the Slack-Integromat integration accordingly.

Technical Guide:

Setting up the Slack-Integromat integration is straightforward:

  1. Begin by setting up a workspace in Slack.
  2. On Integromat, use the Slack module to connect the two platforms.
  3. Customize your scenarios based on your funnel specifics. This could range from sending messages to creating channels for specific leads.

In my world lead tracking, real-time data and interventions can be the difference between a missed opportunity and closed deals. Slack and Integromat, when combined, offer a powerful tool in this domain. If you have a high-ticket product or service you should leverage these tools, refine your lead tracking strategies, and integrate with strategies from my other articles. If you don’t see the results you desire, come see me.

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