Want a Useful Response From Chat GPT When Asking for Help on a Task? An Easy Hack…

Eric Thumos Sullivan
Nov 20, 2023

Tap the ellipses and go to “settings”. Then to “custom instructions”. In the box that says “how would you like chat GPT to respond”, type the following:

I need you to help me with a task. To help me with the task, first come up with a detailed outline of how you think you should respond, then critique the ideas in this outline (mention the advantages, disadvantages, and ways it could be improved), then use the original outline and the critiques you made to come up with your best possible solution.

Overall, your tone should not be overly dramatic. It should be clear, professional, and direct. Don’t sound robotic or like you’re trying to sell something. You don’t need to remind me you’re a large language model, get straight to what you need to say to be as helpful as possible. Again, make sure your tone is clear, professional, and direct — not overly like you’re trying to sell something.

Here is an example task I asked for help with:

Please help me understand how to build a hierarchical temporal memory. I want to create AI that thinks like a human as it assesses the stages of marketing funnels

Response form GPT-4:



Brief overview of Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM)

Importance of HTM in replicating human-like thought processes for marketing funnels

Theoretical Foundation

Basic principles of HTM

How it mimics the neocortex

Tools and Resources

Software libraries and hardware requirements

Building the HTM Model

Data collection

Data preprocessing

Model architecture

Training and validation

Integration with Marketing Funnels

Conceptual overview of marketing funnels

How HTM can enhance each stage of the funnel

Testing and Validation

Approaches to measure model effectiveness

Fine-tuning strategies

Scaling and Optimization

Strategies for scaling up the model

Performance optimization techniques


Summary of steps

Key takeaways



: The outline covers all relevant areas from theory to practical application.

Focused on Target
: It directly addresses the specific use-case of applying HTM to marketing funnels.


: The outline could be overwhelming due to the technical depth of HTM.

Resource Intensive
: It suggests a full-scale approach, which might require substantial resources.

Ways to Improve

Simplify Technical Jargon
: Keep the language user-friendly to make it accessible for those who may not have a technical background.

: Break down each section further to make it easier to tackle step by step.

Best Possible Solution

1. Introduction

HTM offers a computational approach to understanding the brain’s architecture and capabilities, which makes it an excellent tool for modeling complex processes such as marketing funnels.

2. Theoretical Foundation

HTM is inspired by the brain’s neocortex. It’s crucial to understand its fundamental principles like sparse distributed representations and temporal memory to implement it effectively.

3. Tools and Resources

You’ll need specialized software libraries like NuPIC and adequate hardware. Make sure to also gather relevant scientific papers and documentation for guidance.

4. Building the HTM Model

Data Collection
: Identify the data points that are relevant to your marketing funnel.

Data Preprocessing
: Clean and structure your data.

Model Architecture
: Define the layers and connections within your HTM network.

Training and Validation
: Use your data to train the model and validate its accuracy.

5. Integration with Marketing Funnels

: Use HTM to analyze consumer behavior at this initial stage.

: Apply HTM to assess how effective your touchpoints are.

: Implement HTM to optimize the final conversion steps.

6. Testing and Validation

Use KPIs to measure the model’s success. Consider A/B testing to compare its performance against traditional methods.

7. Scaling and Optimization

Once proven effective, scale your HTM model and continually optimize for better performance.

8. Conclusion

Building an HTM model for assessing marketing funnels is a complex but rewarding task. Ensure you have a solid understanding of both HTM and the marketing funnel stages for best results.

By following this guide, you can develop a sophisticated tool for understanding and optimizing each stage of your marketing funnel.

Hopefully you find a significant improvement in results!

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